The Sheltie's Character

Should you wish to own a dog that is a good companion, loyal, intelligent, full of fun and small enough to suit almost every household, then the Sheltie is the breed for you.

The Sheltie's brain is amongst the most highly developed of all canine breeds, making them easy to train, whilst still retaining a mind of their own. They are extremely inquisitive and will watch whatever you are doing - as if to try and understand our behaviour and reason for doing things. The normal dog tricks are not enough for the Sheltie, they will develop their own, which are a source of pleasure for their owners, constantly finding new ways to make them laugh.

The Sheltie is full of pride and as such will constantly desire his owners approval. Whilst not being aggressive, he or she is very brave, and should any member of the "pack" be attacked the Sheltie is quick to respond and will tackle very large dogs. Having quick reactions and lots of agility the Sheltie will more often than not be the victor.

Shelly owned by Bob Boehm

The Sheltie has the perfect temperament. He is often reserved when meeting new people, but should never be nervous. Once having won him over, he will be a friend for life and will remember people for many years between meetings.

Because of the care shown by most breeders, there are few behaviour problems in the breed. However, occasionally, there are unscrupulous breeders whose only objective is to make a profit. Poor breeding practices can result in problems such as shyness, over aggressiveness, and hyperactivity. Shyness is a very old problem in Shelties, possibly due to the remoteness of the Shetland Isles, where they would meet few humans other than their immediate family. It is therefore very important that you see the parents of your puppy and check that they are quick to come for affection, before you make a purchase.